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Goods Lift Spare Parts: Everything You Need to Know 

UK Service Lifts carry a large stock of SKG goods lift spare parts. We know it’s essential to have the right spare part available when you need it. Our range of parts such as push buttons, heated shelves, safety equipment, cables, motors, brackets and doors are ready for when you need them.  

Speak to our team and we’ll help you get the right part as quickly as possible.  

Key Takeaways 

  • Lift spare parts are critical for maintaining the functionality and safety of goods lifts. 
  • Different types of lift spare parts cater to specific goods lifts, and it is essential to choose the right part based on the lift’s design and specifications. We can help you. 
  • Regular maintenance of lift components is necessary to ensure optimal performance and compliance with safety regulations. 

Types of Lift Spare Parts 

Each lift spare part serves a specific function.  


Parts designed to support the lift in the shaft. These are typically very reliable and don’t often need replacement.  

Electrical Components 

These include electrical motors, relays, switches, and control panels. Electrical motors provide the necessary power to move the lift car, while relays and switches control the flow of electricity to different parts of the lift. Control panels allow lift users to operate the lift. 

Cabin / Car 

Various parts can be replaced which form part of the Cabin. Guide shoes, rollers and retiring cams are examples.  

Doors & Door Components 

Locks, ropes for the bi-parting doors, the door assemblies themselves.  

We would recommend you consult with a goods lift professional or refer to the lift manufacturer’s specifications before replacing any lift spare parts. You can visit our goods lift spare parts store, or feel free to get in contact with us for help & advice.  

Lift Spare Parts

Installing lift spare parts 

It is important to follow proper installation guidelines to ensure the safety and compliance of your lift. A qualified and experienced lift engineer will have the necessary knowledge and expertise to ensure that the parts are installed correctly and safely. 

Safety and compliance are of utmost importance when it comes to lift spare parts. At UK Service Lifts, we ensure that all our parts meet the necessary certification standards and are installed correctly by qualified professionals. We can help you ensure that your lift is safe, compliant, and operates smoothly. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What components are typically needed for goods lift maintenance? 

When it comes to goods lift maintenance, a variety of components may need to be replaced or repaired. Some common components that may need attention include lift controllers, doors, motors, and brake shoes. Keeping these components in good working order is essential for ensuring the safety and reliability of your lift. 

What should I consider when choosing spare parts for different lift models? 

When choosing spare parts for different lift models, it’s important to consider factors such as compatibility, quality, and price. Not all lift parts are interchangeable between different models, so it’s essential to choose parts that are specifically designed for your lift. Additionally, be sure to choose parts that are high quality and made to last. Finally, consider pricing carefully, as some parts may be more expensive than others. 

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