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Cabin with two separate compartments

Bi-parting doors at serving height and hinged doors at floor level.

Front or rear loading

100kg to 300kg


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Product Details

The SKG ISO Z dumbwaiter lift from Metallschneider is unique in that is has 2 compartments which saves space as only one lift shaft is required. This makes transporting goods between levels even more efficient.

Double the space

Lifting capacities from 100kg to 300kg depending on the specification. The ISO-Z is popular with restaurants, and hotels where space is at a premium. Like the ISO-A Dumbwaiter, it can significantly speed up service and therefore improve customer satisfaction.

Tailored to your business

Tailor the lift to suit your business with a choice of door styles, entry configurations and external cladding. Choose a stainless steel finish which is designed to be easy to clean and hygienic, making it ideal for food preparation areas. The size of the ISO Z dumbwaiter is customizable, allowing it to fit almost anywhere.

Value-adding Features

  • Top Door: Manually operated bi-parting doors
  • Bottom Door: Single hinged swing door
  • Call and send controls
  • Position indicators on each landing
  • Arrival buzzers and call signals.
  • No lift pit require and can be installed in a day
  • A heated shelf to keep food warm in the lift
  • An intercom for communication between floors.

The ISO-Z dumbwaiter lift is a quick and efficient transportation solution that is customisable to meet the needs of your business. It is a great choice where space is limited but throughput is a necessity for an efficient business process.

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ISO-Z Dumbwaiter specification


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