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ES-2T Touch Screen Push Station

Upgrade lifts with the state-of-the-art SKG-ES-2T touch screen push station.

Enhance public spaces and food prep areas with its modern aesthetics and hygienic wipe clean capability.

The deep gloss surface, seamless surface design and UV and abrasion resistance together with the disappearing LED effect make this a unique push button station.

Customise with various options and colours.

Elevate your building’s design and hygiene with the hassle-free, plug-and-play SKG-ES-2T Touch Screen Push Station.

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Product Details

Bring your lifts into the modern day with the cutting-edge SKG-ES-2T touch screen push station. Plug-and-play capability mean you can retrofit existing service lifts. Brings a new level of sophistication and hygiene to public areas and food preparation.


Key Features

  1. Modern Aesthetics – Experience a deep black, glossy surface that exudes a contemporary look, enhancing the overall ambiance of your space.
  2. Durable Construction – The front panel is crafted from ESG (toughened safety glass), providing robustness and reliability in high-traffic environments.
  3. Seamless Design – Say goodbye to traditional openings for display windows and buttons. The SKG-ES-2T boasts a seamless surface, promoting cleanliness and minimising points of contact.
  4. UV-Resistant and Abrasion-Resistant – The SKG-ES-2T is equipped with UV-resistant properties and features abrasion-resistant printing (ceramic firing), ensuring long-lasting durability and performance.
  5. Disappearing Effect – Experience a sleek “disappearing effect” of the LED display and button when there’s no power, maintaining a minimalist and elegant appearance.
  6. Easy to Clean – Hygiene is paramount. The absence of mechanical buttons makes the SKG-ES-2T exceptionally easy to clean, promoting a safe and sanitary environment.
  7. Customization Options – Tailor the SKG-ES-2T to suit your unique aesthetic preferences with a range of design templates. Choose from different colours, logos, patterns, grains, or even opt for a customer-specific design.


Create a Modern Design Aesthetic With A Quick Replacement

The SKG-ES-2T seamlessly integrates into your existing lifts with plug-and-play compatibility. Use the same fasteners, operating sequence, and display, ensuring a hassle-free upgrade.

Elevate the design aesthetic and hygiene standards of your building with the SKG-ES-2T Touch Screen Push Station. Embrace the future of vertical transportation today.



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