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Tall yet compact.  A perfect lift for large narrow goods.

Hinged doors serving at floor level for easy access.

Can be configured for either front or rear loading

Capacities from 300kg to 500kg

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  • Steel structure, made of cold rolled galvanized special profiles (needs a self-supporting shaft)
  • Pre-installed with I-guides T 45 x 5 mm and plastic trunking in 2-meter-segments
  • Galvanized baffle plates for front side are standard
  • Buffer Ø 80 mm



  • „cant-off“-system made of galvanized steel, adjustable guide shoes on both sides
  • Compensation device on suspension ropes / chains
  • Safety gear



  • Manual operated hinged doors, made of galvanized steel in accordance to DIN 18090, production controlled by TÜV-authorities
  • Side frames made of galvanized steel according to drawing
  • Door locks type-tested by TÜV-authorities



  • Double hinged door with sash lock
  • Side frames made of galvanized steel according to drawing



  • Drive unit with factory oil filling, standard motor IP54, disc brake and hand wheel, 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz. according to IEC
  • Drum Ø 240 mm and pulleys Ø 250 resp. 200 mm for 2 ropes Ø 6 resp. 5 mm suspension 2:1



  • Call and send control with 24 V, safety circuit 48 V
  • Pre-wired with plugs
  • Adjustable and time-limited despatch delay device (1-5 s)
  • Acoustic arrival signal
  • Position indicator on each entrance
  • Thermic motor protection as main switch pre-wired on control panel
  • Machine room light with socket

Upgrade your material handling operations with the SKG ISO-L Trolley Goods Lift. Elevate efficiency, enhance safety, and streamline your workflow with this cutting-edge solution. Invest in quality, reliability, and innovation – choose SKG for your vertical goods transportation needs.


SKG ISO-L Trolley Lift Specification


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