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UK Service Lifts Ltd Acquired by Accessen Group

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Accessen Group Ltd was started in 2021 by Phil Rice and Oliver Mellor and is located in Peterborough. The company’s first purchase is part of its plan to expand its lift services to the business to business service and goods lifts markets. Phil founded Anglian Lifts Ltd in June 2021 during the pandemic and has since made it a leading company in the consumer market. Anglian Lifts Ltd provides stairlifts and platform lifts for homes and businesses.

What is a dumbwaiter? Featured image
What is a dumbwaiter? Featured image

Growing With Complementary Products and Services

Accessen Group Ltd will benefit from the skills and resources of both companies and provide a wider range of access solutions through this acquisition.

UK Service Lifts Ltd was established by John Elbro and has been running since 2009. It has a faithful customer base across various sectors, such as hospitality, banking, healthcare, education, retail, and manufacturing. They are famous for providing high-quality service lifts that are dependable, safe, and effective. They also offer installation, maintenance, repair, and upgrade services.

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Handing Over the Baton UK Service Lifts

Founder John Elbro talks about his feelings on the deal and future plans.

I’m delighted to say that I have sold my business to Accessen Group. They showed me their excitement and sincere care for my legacy and people. The whole process from the first contact to the transition was easy and respectful. I couldn’t have asked for better buyers. Their energy and passion for the industry are infectious and I’m confident they will take my business to the next level.

John Elbro, Founder of UK Service Lifts

Accessen Group Ltd are excited about this new partnership and the possibilities it will create for our companies and our customers. We think that by joining forces, we will be able to provide more services to more clients with the same ‘doing it right’ attitude started by the Anglian Lifts team. We can’t wait to work with UK Service Lifts Ltd and grow our business in the UK and beyond.

Phil Rice, Managing Director, Anglian Lifts, Director of Accessen Group

Support From Metallschneider GmbH

UK Service Lifts are backed by Metallschneider GmbH and offer their SKG service lifts range as well as spare parts and modernisation packages. The UK Service Lifts team are eager to work with Metallschneider and reveal more exciting plans soon.

For more information and media enquiries please contact us. Get in touch here.

Picture of Oliver Mellor
Oliver Mellor
Life long learner. Passionate about food, travel, design and finding brilliant businesses to invest in. The UK Service Lifts team are a fantastic bunch. Their customer focus and dedication to doing it right convinced me to become a partner. Linkedin

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