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Dumbwaiter Lift Packages

ISO Z opt

Why Choose SKG Dumbwaiters?

Easy Installation

Designed for quick and seamless installation. Logically packed with clear instructions.


Precision engineered to work in demanding environments.


Near silent operation, ensuring minimal disruption to operations.


Engineered to consume less power, helping you save on energy costs.


Able to cater to a wide range of industries and applications. 


Flexible shaft structure, lift car and accessories. 

Meet Our Range of Dumbwaiters

SKG ISO-A Dumbwaiter side view in a home


Traditional waist-height serving dumbwaiter.

Floor level dumbwaiter for small trolleys.

Double-decker dumbwaiter. 2 lift cars sharing the same shaft space.

Key Features ISO-A ISO-C ISO-Z
Capacity (kg) 50 - 300 100 - 300 100 - 300
Door Type Roller Shutter / Bi-Parting Roller Shutter / Bi-Parting Roller Shutter / Bi-Parting + Hinge door
Serving Height (mm) 700min. 0 800min.
Speed (m/s) 0.4 - 0.25 0.27 - 0.25 0.27 - 0.25
Lift Car Entrances Single / Through / Adjacent Single / Through / Adjacent Single / Through
Pit Depth (mm) N/A (DH/2) + 50 250min.

SKG ISO-A Dumbwaiter Overview & Features

Partner With Us For Dumbwaiter Packages & Installs

Site Survey

One of our experienced engineers will visit the site to assess the needs of the project


We provide a detailed quote with the breakdown of the costs and work required


We project manage, do the building works, install and commission the lift.

Get In Touch

Have a Project in Mind?

Discuss your project in with our team 


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